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An Introduction to Acquisition Innovation Essentials

Online Webinar
Thu, Feb 13, 2020 | 02:00 PM — 03:00 PM EST
Registration is available until Feb 13, 2020

As commercial technologies are rapidly changing, so too are the methods by which federal agencies have sought to frame, solicit, and award contracts for them. Acquisition Innovation, as a movement, is implementing creative approaches to requirements development by leveraging new procurement authorities and instituting dynamic methods to acquire state-of-the-art technology.

In Introduction to Acquisition Innovation Essentials, we will survey how agencies are procuring emerging technologies during an era where industry is out-investing government three to one. Join us for this free, hour-long webinar to learn how agencies are leveraging crowdsourcing, partnership intermediary agreements, prize challenges, other transaction authorities, and more.

Content is geared for federal acquisition and program professionals who want to increase their awareness of available tools of this Acquisition Innovation trade, and suppliers and entrepreneurs who want to develop business using these new pathways to government funding.

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Ben McMartin, Managing Partner, Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Frank McNally, Director of Learning & Content Development at Public Spend Forum & GovShop

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