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Working Dogs Market Segmentation and Supplier Landscape

Online Webinar
Tue, Nov 12, 2019 | 02:00 PM — 02:30 PM EST
Registration is available until Nov 12, 2019

Government agencies are increasingly competing not only among themselves but also with foreign governments for working dogs. Dr. Cynthia Otto, executive director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, said branches of the U.S. military and federal government are having trouble getting ahold of sufficient numbers of dogs to meet their needs.

Well-trained working dogs can locate drugs, bombs, people buried under rubble, smuggled food, pipeline leaks, game animals, and cancer. But their versatility, especially for security purposes, is driving a global spike in demand.

Recently, through Public Spend Forum’s market research platform, GovShop, researchers worked with a government agency to develop a market segmentation of the working dogs’ industry and identify working dogs suppliers clearly delineating suppliers of working dogs and related services, based on the government agency’s general requirements.

Join Public Spend Forum for this webinar where speakers will provide an introduction to the market, discuss the working dog supplier landscape, and show you how to conduct sample supplier searches using GovShop.

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Ash Bedi, Managing Director, Strategy & Research for Public Spend Forum & GovShop

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