Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is GovShop?

GovShop is a free, easy-to-use platform built to help public sector buyers discover and research suppliers.

As a government buyer, why should I use GovShop?

GovShop is used by government procurement and program officials to discover suppliers, review their "resumes", and share/export lists and reports. Through GovShop, government officials can discover new suppliers including startups and emerging suppliers, new minority companies being used by state/local/federal agencies, small businesses with new capabilities and large companies with leading capabilities. Additionally, GovShop aims to provide a comprehensive resume of each supplier going beyond basic data available through other sources.

As a government buyer, when should I use GovShop during my procurement process?

GovShop can be used 1) pre-soliciation as your learning about a market and developing your procurement/acquisition strategy 2) to invite more suppliers once a soliciation is ready 3) for many other purposes including sole source justification, RFIs, etc.

Why should suppliers use GovShop?

Suppliers use GovShop to claim or register their company, edit their profile so they can showcase their offerings, experience and differentiators. GovShop makes it easier for suppliers to get discovered by government so they can begin to communicate their capabilities early. Additionally, GovShop marketing highlights lists of suppliers and conducts events where buyers and suppliers can come together to collaborate and learn about each other.

I'm in the government. How do I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking "Create an Account" on the top-right corner of the homepage. A drop-down will appear - click "Government". Then, proceed to fill out the required fields and click "Create Account".

I'm a supplier. How can I claim my company profile?

You can claim your profile by searching for your company on GovShop. After locating your profile, click "Claim This Profile" on the top-right corner and fill out the required fields. Be sure to use your business e-mail address when registering for an account. Alternatively, you may claim your profile by clicking "Create an Account" on the top-right corner of GovShop's homepage. A drop-down will appear - click "Supplier". Then, proceed to fill out the required fields and click "Create Account". After you have created an account, our GovShop Verify Team will review and evaluate your registration and respond within 2 business days with information on whether your account has been approved or not. If approved, you will be notified and you will have the ability to edit your company profile. "

How can I edit my company profile?

After you claim your profile and are also approved by our GovShop Verify Team (see above), you can edit your company profile by logging into your account and heading over to your company profile. There will be blue pencil symbols to the right of each section that will allow you to edit information by clicking on it. Watch this video ( for tips on creating your best profile.

As a supplier, why should I be listed on GovShop? How many government users do you have?

GovShop is increasingly being adopted by government agencies at the federal/state/local level, including by agency leaders who are including GovShop in their toolkits. Additionally, GovShop and our parent organization, Public Spend Forum, have build a community of over 18,000 public procurement professionals, a community that is growing every day. By becoming a part of this community through GovShop, suppliers increase their chances of being discovered by agencies early in the procurement process. Additionally, suppliers benefit from GovShop's marketing efforts that promote suppliers through our various programs, a free marketing service of sorts.

Why was my profile claim not approved?

There are several reasons why your profile claim may not be approved. In short, our GovShop Verify Team was unable to determine the account creator's authentication for 1) belonging to the compnay; AND 2) having the proper authority/delegation to represent company profile on GovShop. Additionally, common problems we see is when suppliers use their non-company e-mail address (i.e. when registering or when suppliers mistakenly identify as ""Government"" users. If you are having trouble with the approval process, or feel like we made a mistake, please reach out to us at

How much does GovShop cost?

GovShop is 100% free for government users! It is also free for suppliers to claim and edit their basic profiles. However, suppliers have the option to pay a small subscription fee to unlock other elements of their profiles which are valued by government. Free or paid, registering or claiming your profile makes you a part of the Public Spend Forum and GovShop global public procurement ecosystem. For pricing, click here:

How can I search & find suppliers?

There are 3 ways to search on GovShop: 1. Keyword: Like Google, begin by typing in words into the search bar. Examples: cybersecurity, office furniture, Intel, R064 (PSC Code), etc. You can also put two keywords in quotes (e.g. "office furniture") to get exact matches. 2. Product or Service Category: Search via Products/Services Codes if you prefer codesets (NAICS, PSC, NIGP, UNSPSC, etc.) to filter suppliers by categories. 3. By Contract Vehicle: If you want to quickly find suppliers that are already on a contract so you don't have to go through the solicitation process, you can do so by using our Contract Vehicle search.

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