GovShop – Government’s One-Stop Shop for Market Research!
GovShop is a free, easy-to-use and modern platform built to help public sector buyers conduct comprehensive market and supplier research. On GovShop’s platform, you can easily search, filter and find current and emerging suppliers across all markets. Our goals: (1) ensure government has the market and supplier data it needs to find the best suppliers, (2) lower barriers for suppliers so they can deliver their innovative solutions to government. Some key attributes of GovShop include:


OPEN AND FREE PLATFORM - Free market research platform, open to all government buyers and suppliers

COMPREHENSIVE MARKET DATA - Comprehensive market and supplier data compiled by our data and market research teams

BUILT FOR THE GOVERNMENT - Built with the unique needs and challenges of public sector buyers in mind

EASY TO USE & INNOVATIVE - User centric design incorporating cutting edge technologies and innovation


Our Team: Our team is led by the Public Spend Forum executive team and our advisors, who collectively include entrepreneurs, tech innovators, former government leaders and global public procurement experts, all with a passion for the public sector and public procurement. Read more about our team here.


GovShop is Powered by Public Spend Forum


GovShop is powered by Public Spend Forum (PSF), a global knowledge and data platform for public procurement. PSF provides practical content, tools and case studies that are used by our community of over 15,000 government professionals and suppliers to improve all aspects of public sector procurement.